What Choices Are Available?

What Choices are Available?

We have a lot of choices at Lakeside! But first, let’s start with the basics – do you want to build, buy or rent? Lake Chapala Real Estate does not offer rental services, but we will provide you with a list of rental agencies and property managers. Having said that, stay with me, as this information is still applicable.

Your lifestyle will dictate the answer to the question of whether you are looking for a house, condo or apartment. Whether you are single, a retired couple, a young working family with school-aged children, here only part-time, or looking for investment property, there choices here to fit your needs.

Do you want to live in the heart of the village, close to the lakefront, up the mountain side? Some people love to be in the middle of all the noise and festivities of the village. Some want peace and quiet. Some want the panoramic views that Lake Chapala offers. Others wish to be able to walk everywhere or don’t have a car. Which one are you?

Do you know which neighborhood you want to live in? Do you want to live in a gated community or prefer a neighborhood? Our gated communities here are a mixture of both Mexicans and expats. Enjoy an active social life? From high-level security to busy interactive social activities to turn-key and go to living amongst the locals and everything in between is available.

How about a pool? Here you’ll be able to swim nearly year-round. Private or Common Pool? There’s nothing like a sparkling pool for a refreshing swim, entertaining your guests, as part of your exercise program or just watching the grandkids splash around. Your very own pool gives you the freedom to cool off whenever you choose and in whatever state of swimwear you desire, but the costs of maintenance falls entirely on you. A common pool however, allows you to share the costs and offers more community entertainment and involvement. Pool volleyball anyone?

What is your price range? Like anywhere, location, location, location, will dictate the price of a 2-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,200 sq ft home. You’ll need to factor in resale value, renovations and fixer-uppers.

Let me point out some differences between homes in Mexico and what you’re familiar with. For example, square footage of construction is measured as anything with a roof, even a carport. If the patio is covered, it is included in the square footage as its considered living space. Yes, I know that seems somewhat odd, but I promise you, you’ll be spending way more time out on the terrace than inside the house. Closet space is a lot less than what you may be accustomed to as you will no longer require accommodating precious space to seasonal wardrobes. The cost of renovations here are much less and may be the deciding factor in buying or restoring an older home. Many properties are walled for privacy. It is the Mexican tradition to protect and not showcase wealth. You may walk by a simple wall and be amazed at the stunning property and garden on the other side. A gardener’s gate is common – the side access to the backyard. Be aware that some homes only have the garden at the back of the house, so unless you enjoy doing your own gardening, you will need to let the gardener go through your house.

However you envision the perfect home for your new lifestyle, we would be honored to help you discover it and we believe you will have lots of choices available. We begin with our Courtesy Orientation Tour that I have mentioned in a previous video. With a solid overview of the area, you’ll be able to narrow down the locations. We will also ask you a ton of questions to understand your requirements and respect your price range. Then onto MLS to begin the search.

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