The One Thing You Should Do Before Leaving Home

The One Thing You Should Do Before Leaving Home

Leaving home is a big deal but you are probably thinking, well, I should pack a hat, some sunscreen and Imodium. Actually, forget the Imodium, we have way better medicine for stomach problems that will provide quick relief, usually with just one pill. So, pack a hat and sunscreen – at a mile high altitude, the UVA & UVB rays are strong here. Here are a few more things:
  • Leave your high-heeled sandals for evenings out.  Village streets are cobblestone with high curbs so sturdy walking shoes are recommended.  You will get a great workout –  just don´t add a few margaritas!
  • If you are staying at one of our lovely B&B´s, make sure that they e-mail you directions in Spanish to give to your taxi driver.  OR in English if you picking up a rental car at the Guadalajara airport.
  • Of course throw in some shorts and T´s – just remember that Mexicans are a more formal people and it is appropriate to dress up a bit in the evening and special events.    A sweater or a light jacket and, oh shawls are very popular here, are recommended during the cooler early mornings & evenings in November through February.
  • And then there is your appetite! We are one of the largest ex-pat communities in the world and the local restaurants are careful to ensure that high standards of cleanliness are maintained. The ice and water served is purified, lettuce and other vegetables & fruit are disinfected.
  • By the way, sign up for our courtesy Orientation Tour, and you will be shown the variety of restaurants available at Lakeside
  • Make sure you get some Mexican pesos. This is still very much a cash society and the small family owned galleries and shops do not accept credit cards. Remember that you will need pesos at the airport to pay your taxi driver. There are a number of local ATM machines so just bring your ATM cards for quick cash.

Okay, so what is the one thing you really need to do before you leave home?

  • While you are at the bank getting Mexican pesos, go and talk to your friendly Bank manager. Mention that you may be considering purchasing a home in Mexico and need to know what the Bank´s rules and procedures are for initiating wire transfers.
  • Real estate transactions here require a minimum of a 10% initial payment. Money laundering rules between the USA, Canada & Mexico require full disclosure.
  • Cash and cheques are not accepted. Onlya wire transfer will work. Your Bank will not initiate a wire just by you picking up the phone while in Mexico and requesting that funds be sent.
  • Complete a form, or whatever instructions your Bank requires before you leave. Then when you are ready to make an offer, you will be able to contact your Bank and easily complete a wire request.

Then come down and be prepared to fall in love with Mexico! Thank you and don’t hesitate to email us your comments and questions and go and check out the next in our audio series. Adios!

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