Fiera Maestros de Artes – Masters of Arts Fair

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Feria Maestros de Artes – Masters of Arts Fair

Feria Maestros del ArteThe Feria is an annual 3-day event produced by the Feria Exposición Maestros del Arte, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting indigenous handcrafts and folk art.  Artists are invited from all over Mexico and must meet strict criteria to attend.

The organization invites artists based on their criteria, for example:

  • The art must be completely hand made
  • The art has been passed down through the generations
  • The materials used are of a natural source

The event is held each year at the Lake Chapala Yacht Club in Chapala, artists costs are covered by the organization, and the artists are hosted by local families – all in the interest of promoting and preserving the rapidly disappearing folk arts.

Every year, the artists come together from many regions of Mexico, often forming cross-cultural bonds between families of varied backgrounds. For many artists, it is their first contact with the outside art world.

Without the kind of support Feria Maestros del Arte provides, the world’s most creative culture will lose its precious heritage.

Help us preserve Mexico’s artistic traditions. Visit the most beautiful area of Lake Chapala, spend the weekend with master artists (maestros) of the multicultural community that is the Feria, and take home treasures from one of the world’s most artistic and expressive cultures.

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