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Sol Alavi

About Sol Alavi

My Name is Sol, I am Canadian /Persian. I decided to move from Toronto to Ajijic to expand my life experience in this magical town.
I have one strong belief in business: “Do what others won’t, and you will achieve what others can’t.” I always try to see the big picture in every aspect of my business and personal life and truly understand the importance of listening, relating to my clients, communicating, being patient, problem solving and helping clients work toward their goals.

My background is finance. I have licenses in both mortgage and tax preparation. I am obsessed with sales & customer service and my goal is to deliver outstanding client experiences and I have won many awards for my skills in selling and outstanding customer service worldwide.

I worked in import and export high-tech product sales for ophthalmology products and worked with many specialists for cataract surgery, expanding my finance experience at the Commercial Bank of Dubai. After that I continued my sales experience in the fast-paced fashion industry and since I have such a huge passion for selling, I decided to round off my sales experience in the high-end, luxury diamonds business.

As a Seller’s Agent, I specialize in strategic planning and research for the selling of your home in the shortest amount of time, yet for the most amount of money. I’ll negotiate the sale of your home and follow it through until the successful closing.

As a Buyer’s Agent, I educate my clients on the home buying process, listen attentively to their needs, wants, goals and time frame. Then research for those needs, show homes and negotiate the sale of the home on the buyer’s behalf and follow through to a successful closing.

In this challenging market, the right agent, resources, and technology do make a difference! Let’s get started today!


“Jon and his lovely wife Sol, got to know us and what we were looking for a few months ago. So one day, when they came across the perfect property for us, they didn’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks to their attentiveness to our needs and hopes, they led us to the perfect house, and for that we’ll always be greatful!’’

Emma (Buyer June – 2023)

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